The Frenchman Sylvain Court won the 90km race of the Mont-Blanc Marathon


90 km race of the Mont-Blanc Marathon 2018

Victory for Mimmi Kotka (SUE) and Sylvain Court (FRA)

June, 29th 2018

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The men's race

Right from the start it was the Provençal runner, Sylvain Court (FRA) of Team Oxsitis Odlo who set the pace. A former mountain biker and trail world champion in 2015 in Annecy who is well-used to being on the podium, he ran an impressive race of 11h23m and 48 seconds which gave his opponents little chance of catching him. Neck and neck for a long time with Sylvain was the Pyrenees runner Maxime Cazajous (FRA) from team Hoka One One, who earned himself second place by coming 3mn 42 behind his “idol’. The third place went to Donald CAMPBELL (GB) from Team Salomon who in the last 30 kms pushed hard, digging in deep to win the closely fought battle for third place with a time of 11 hours and 30 minutes.

Also worth mentioning was the incredible performance from the fastest runner in the under 21’s (Espoir) category, Thomas Angeli, who came 4thoverall in a time of 11:32:30. Equally impressive was Aubin Ferrari the second fastest in the under 21’s (Espoir) and 7thoverall in a time of 11 hours, 44 minutes and 47 seconds!

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Sylvain Court - 1st
“This morning my legs felt a bit heavy, but I felt good pretty quickly.  I had a few mishaps, I fell, I broke a pole…. but in the end I still have a lot of energy and I was able to finish strongly. It was at that moment that I broke away from Maxime, even though I would have liked him to have stayed with me for a bit longer!    Next year I hope to take part in the marathon!”
Maxime Cazajous - 2nd 
"Less than 30km from the finish I was hit by fatigue.  I had to slow my rhythm down to avoid collapsing. I drew on all my reserves to make it to the end and to finish in 2ndplace. I’m really very happy with my race, it was incredible to finish behind Sylvain.  When I was 29 and getting into trail running he was one of my idols. And he still is today.  French Champion, World Champion and he’s a great guy! This is my first race here in Chamonix, and my first in the Alps.  My wife and I choose the races together and she’s more seaside than mountain (he laughs).  I’m really very happy today!”
Donald Campbell - 3rd 
“It was an incredible race and terribly difficult. I was a bit ill between le Buet and Emosson, but afterwards I managed to control it.  I was slow on the ascents and quick in the descents which allowed me to finish in 3rdplace.  It was magnificent.”
Rank Bib Name Surname Club Race time Difference / 1st Country
1 3001 Sylvain COURT Team Oxsitis Odlo 11:23:48 00:00:00 FRA (France)
2 3004 Maxime CAZAJOUS Team Hoka - Givres de Nay 11:27:30 00:03:42 FRA (France)
3 3015 Donald CAMPBELL Salomon UK 11:30:00 00:06:12 GBR (Royaume-Uni)
4 3007 Thomas ANGELI Asics FUJI SPIRIT 11:32:30 00:08:42 FRA (France)
5 4117 Lambert SANTELLI   11:34:09 00:10:21 FRA (France)
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The women's race

In the women’s race the Swede Mimmi KOTKA from team Salomon didn’t give her rivals even the slightest chance.  At the top of Brévent after 10km of the race, she was already 2 minutes ahead. Having previously won the race in 2017, she wrapped up this 90km in 12 hours, 9 minutes and 45 seconds, coming 11thoverall.  It was a respectable second place for Audrey TANQUY (FRA) finishing in 13 hours, 14 minutes and 01 second, following by another French runner, Marion DELESPIERRE in 14h20mn07sec.

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The reaction from Mimmi KOTKA - 1st

"On a course like this one you have to run with your heart and sometimes you fall!  (note: Mimmi finished with two bleeding knees).  I love this course, it’s as magnificent as it is technical. The most difficult part for me was the climb to Emosson and then afterwards with the fatigue the descents, which demanded lots of concentration.  My enduring memory will be the sunrise which is gorgeous here, just magnificent.”

Rank Bib Name Surname Club Race time Difference / 1st Country
1 3053 Mimmi KOTKA Salomon 12:09:45 00:00:00 SWE (Suède)
2 3035 Audrey TANGUY   13:14:01 01:04:16 FRA (France)
3041 Marion DELESPIERRE 14:20:07 02:10:22  FRA (France)
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Continuation of Mont-Blanc Marathon program

- KM Vertical – start at 4:00 pm

- Mont-Blanc 23km– start at 8:00 am
- Mini cross for children from 7 to 15 years old – start at 10:00 am
- Mont-Blanc 10km – start at 1:00 pm 
- Duo étoilé – start at 8:00 pm

- Mont-Blanc 42km – start at 7:00 am
- Young Race Marathon – start at 10:00 am


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