Triumphant return of Kilian Jornet to the Mont Blanc 42km

 Victory for KILIAN JORNET in the Mont-Blanc 42km

Duo étoilé and Young Race have popular appeal

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July, 1st 2018


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Kilian, the king of the 42km

It was under almost ideal conditions that the Mont Blanc 42km set off from the centre of Chamonix this morning at 7am. The 2370 runners had to deal with high temperatures throughout the race. The 42km, the second stage of the Golden Trail Series, brought together a group of exceptional athletes from all over the world, including the long-awaited return of Kilian Jornet, back after injury (note: an ankle injury sustained at the end of this winter during the Pierra Menta). Right from the start the 42km copyright Fabian Bodet-17 1 bdathletes had to find a way to cope with the fast pace set on the initial rolling section. The runners were tightly bunched and had to deal with increasingly high temperatures. Whilst it was the Spaniard Aritz EGEA who led the race for a long time, it was in the climb at the col des Posettes that the battle between the two Spaniards really took shape. Neck and neck until the ascent to la Flégère, Kilian JORNET finally broke away from Marc LAUENSTEIN, Stian ANGERMUND-VIK, Thibaut BARONIAN and Aritz EGEA, keeping well ahead of them until the finish line.
From start to finish Kilian’s very effective race strategy allowed him to completely control his speed and avoid suffering from cramps. It was a triumphant return for the ‘king’ of this discipline, despite the great races from his other two team mates from team Salomon - Marc LAUENSTEIN, from Switzerland (4th in 2017) who crossed the line with his trademark smile and the Norwegian Stian ANGERMUND-VIK (2nd in 2017) who delighted the crowed with a cartwheel. Kilian logged a time of 3h 54mn 54s with an average speed of 10.89 km/h in this 2018 race!


Kilian JORNET (ESP) - 1st : « Today was all about managing the level of effort.  Whilst the sun might have been much appreciated by the spectators, it made things hard for us. Back home when it’s hot, we’re talking 15 or 20 degrees.  I’m someone who suffers in the heat.  I knew that if I accelerated too much I would get cramps. In the descents I tried to be as light as possible to avoid putting too much weight on my legs.  I’m returning from injury so today was a test, I’m still not 100% but I felt really good aerobically.  The first part of the course I was not at the head of the pack, it was only at the start of the climb to the col des Posettes that I really started to speed up. »

Marc LAUENSTEIN (SUI) - 2nd: « I had a whole range of different sensations this morning.  I put myself at the front of the pack during the first part of the race.  I lost some ground during the climb but I got it back in the descent.  I managed the end of the race well but couldn’t catch up with Kilian who really was just too strong today.  When I crossed the finish line I thought of my wife because we are both in this together.»

Stian ANGERMUND-VIK (NOR) - 3rd : « I set off slowly and gradually accelerated, which is what I like to do.  At the top of the Posettes I was so hot that I started shivering.  I emptied a whole bottle of water on my head and suddenly I felt my energy return. The descent went well and I caught up with my rivals, even overtaking Tibaud Baronian (42 seconds separated them) on the last part to finish in 3rd place!»

Ruth CROFT (NZL) - 1st : « It was very hard today because it was so hot!  My strategy was not to go too fast in the first 30km, to eat, drink and then give it my all at the end of the race.  I knew where the runners behind me were, it was hard in the descents for me, but I was super happy in the climbs.  I tried to make the most of the landscape in the first 20km at the beginning of the race, but honestly, afterward it was just about controlling where those behind me were.»

Ida NILSSON (SWE) - 2nd : « It was like a game of ping pong in my body.  One moment I felt great, the next I had stomach ache.  As I set off I thought this wasn’t going to bem y day and in the end I came 2nd.  I force myself to drink a lot, but it still wasn’t enough.  It was hard with the sun and the heat but at the same time the views were simply incredible ! »

Eli GORDON (ESP) - 3rd :« It was a fight with Ida and from the 28th kilometre and I felt it becoming really difficult, even though I was well hydrated. I lost my concentration and I even fell.  The end was hard but I was surprised and very happy with my 3rd place as I’d set myself the target of being in the top 10. »

A word from the Director of he Club des Sports, Fred COMTE« In this historic year where we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 23km, everything came together perfectly... an exceptional line up of racers, perfect weather, brilliant work from all the team of 500 volunteers, our sponsors and in particular , those responsible for safety and the local communities.  With eight races to choose from, I think there is something for everyone.  The most important thing for us is that everyone goes home with a smile on their face, with  wonderful memories and that they will come back one day to run on our trails again. We are very proud to be part of the Golden Trail Series and to welcome the best runners in the world.  We were also delighted to be able to broadcast live for the first time, because this sport and these champions deserve this level of exposure.»


Pos. Bib First name, Surname Race time Diff. / 1st Country
1 1 Kilian JORNET BURGADA 03:54:54 00:00:00 ESP (Espagne)
2 5 Marc LAUENSTEIN 03:58:15 00:03:21 SUI (Suisse)
3 3 Stian ANGERMUND-VIK 04:00:07 00:05:13 NOR (Norvège)
4 9 Thibaut BARONIAN 04:00:49 00:05:55 FRA (France)
5 4 Aritz EGEA 04:02:28 00:07:34 ESP (Espagne)


Pos. Bib First name, Surname Race time Diff. / 1st Country
1 52 Ruth CROFT 04:37:30 00:00:00 NZL (Nouvelle-Zélande)
2 51 Ida NILSSON 04:39:37 00:02:07 SWE (Suède)
3 61 Eli GORDON 04:41:01 00:03:31 ESP (Espagne)
4 58 Anne Lise ROUSSET 04:53:04 00:15:34 FRA (France)
5 50 Megan KIMMEL 04:55:05 00:17:35 USA (Etats-Unis)

Copyright photos:
photo 1 : Pierre Raphoz / photo 2 : Fabian Bodet

thumb Duo Etoile copyrights Gaetan Haugeard-3

The Duo étoilé : a night race run in pairs

It was at the end of the day, with the sun going down over the valley of Chamonix, that the 441 pairs of runners (882 runners in total) approached the start line for this 17km night race. This was the first time it has been run at night (last year the race was moved to Sunday morning because of weather conditions) and the Duo Etoilé took the runners over on a mountainous, but accessible course towards the pastures of la Blatière and then on to the refuge at Plan de L’Aiguille where the front runners witnessed a superb sunset. On their arrival back in the centre of Chamonix they were met by an incredible crowd and a very warm welcome.

thumb Duo Etoile copyrights Gaetan Haugeard-6The race featured all sorts of couples, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, friends or work mates. All came to share the challenge together, to conquer the 1300m of altitude change and to cross the finish line hand in hand. A great sporting experience and a shared emotional moment.

The Belgian pair Patrick DORTU and Mathieu DEVILLE (Compressport Belgian Trail Team- LBFA trail élites) won this duo étoilé in 1 hour, 53 minutes and 57 seconds. « Mathieu runs more and I walk more, but when I run I go faster than him. It’s a combination that allows us to encourage each other and to try and catch each other up. He had a small fall, but that gave me a bit of time to rest. We know each other well. We run in the same team, we live 1km away from each other and we talk a lot both in our training sessions and in daily life. We share a lot of things, but not women! (laughs). Anyway Mathieu doesn’t have a wife so there’s nothing to share there! (laughs). We were able to appreciate the scenery, perhaps not as much in the climbs. You already know it, but the views are just amazing here. And it’s a little higher than Belgium. At home it takes us ten minutes to go up 100m and then we’re at sea level!»

Copyright photos : Gaëtan Haugeard

thumb Young Race pierre raphoz marathon du Mont Blanc 2018-11

Young Race Marathon : the next generation of trail runners

Designed for Junior, Cadet and Espoir category runners this year’s Young Race Marathon brought together 87 young trail runners. With a 10 am start in the village of Le Tour, the participants set off on a course of 15km with 1030 of altitude change, following the end the 42km course and finishing at the same time as the elite runners!

In 5th position when he reached Tré le Champ, last year’s 20 year old winner Antoine CHARVOLIN, took the lead in the climb to Flégère and kept it right to the end. It was a triumphant victory for this young man from Isère who forged ahead of his compatriots winning by a margin of 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The second place went to Antoine BECAERTL and Alvin LAIR came in 3rd.

Copyright photo : Pierre Raphoz


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